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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I inspect the vehicle before I buy it? “It’s important to have a professional with a trained eye inspect the vehicle for prior damage, the extent of damage and the quality of repairs”  What does a inspection consist of? “Inspecting chassis, frame, Suspension & alignment Gaging and measurement of frame, verification of inspection” What if I can’t drive it to State Frame Shop? “You can call us to arrange for a mobile inspection” Can I buy my car back from my insurance company? “In most cases yes, contact your insurance company for further info” What does a inspection cost? “Only $99, this is a smart choice for such a large investment ( in most cases buyer and seller split the fee) Can you insure a salvage title? In most cases  “yes”  contact your insurance company for further info What is the difference between having a vehicle inspected at State Frame or an repair shop? For over 40 years we have specialized in auto frame, chassis, uni-body and suspension repair.  
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